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SeniorNet & Snow Monkeys

Truly a great story!


It's about Joe Pontecorvo, Volunteer Instructor at SeniorNet Puget Sound. Joe is a lifetime member of SeniorNet. He started with Puget Sound in 1990 - the year that SeniorNet was incorporated. He helped with the roll out of Windows 95 along with SeniorNet Founder Mary Furlong.


Joe is one of the oldest surviving instructors across the country. He will be 88 years young on June 1st.


And that's not all . . .


Joe is the proud father of another Joe Pontecorvo, who just happens to be the world renowned cinematographer of Pontecorvo Productions. His works include the production of PBS Nature documentaries, including the Oscar-nominated "Bears of the Last Frontier". It's about the black, grizzly, and polar bears of Alaska. 


And now . . . "Snow Monkeys", premiering Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 8/7c on PBS. Click the image above for a trailer of the upcoming program.


Joe Sr., thank you for your dedication and service. Joe Jr., kudos to you, sir! I am sure lots of people will watch and enjoy.


Leslie M. Smith 
Chairman of the Board

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