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Kent Lakes Reaches Out to the U.S. Troops, April 2007 PDF Email

After viewing the saddening television clips of our U.S. Troops in Iraq, and after listening to Bob Woodward discuss the suffering of our service men and woman, SeniorNet coordinator Vivian Rosato and the Kent Lakes SeniorNet Volunteer group in New York were inspired to act! This April, the SeniorNet group compiled and sent a Care Package to the American Forces stationed in Iraq. The staff at SeniorNet HQ were sincerely moved by this project, and plan to also send our own package and we think that other Learning Centers may be interested in sending packages as well.

If you and/or your Learning Center would like to participate, we encourage you to gather items that our service personnel find difficult to obtain and that the military is not furnishing to the troops. A Kent Lakes volunteer, Marcy Kristeller, has family in Iraq and her son-in-law suggested the following items: dry goods; baby wipes; shampoo; soap; toothpaste; toothbrush; female hygiene items, chips and pretzels. If you want more suggestions and information, please reference the nonprofit group, There also are links on that site to,, and

You may also use to locate a volunteer soldier’s address where you can send a package. (It would be ideal for all participants to send packages to different addresses; therefore we are not listing a specific one here.) All of the individuals listed on are volunteer soldiers who work with the program. If you write Attn: Any Soldier in the address line with the volunteer’s personal information below, they will make sure that the package goes to a soldier who receives little or no mail. The package contents most often are shared among the entire group of soldiers and so the volunteers list specifically what the troops around them need or want. Therefore, you can even personalize your package for that particular group of soldiers.

We at HQ thank those individuals in Kent Lakes for inspiring us with this program. If you have any questions please email Elesa Livingston at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The Staff at SeniorNet HQ will be sending a package in May, and we hope that other Learning Centers will follow Kent Lakes’ example of supporting our outstanding troops.

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