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Hank Clemente 
2010 Volunteer of the Year Award

We are please to announce the Volunteer of the Year Award Winner to our members, students, volunteers, sponsors, partners, and stakeholders. The winner of the award for 2010 is Hank Clemente for his outstanding service in Curriculum Development.

Throughout 2010, and continuing in 2011, Hank has worked with staff to develop aggressive schedules for the release of course manuals supported by SeniorNet Headquarters. Thanks in large part to his diligence, these schedules are being successfully completed.

These include Photoshop Elements 8, Computer Fundamentals for Windows 7, Introduction to Computers with WordPad, Introduction to Computers with Word 2007, and Exploring Windows 2007. Revisions have been released as required.

Also scheduled in 2011 are Exploring Windows Live Mail 2011, Windows 7 File Management, Exploring Internet with IE 9, and Introduction to Office 2007.

When Office 2010 is made available, Hank will prepare the manuals for Word and other applications, as required.

Congratulations, Hank, on a job well done!
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