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SeniorNet Staff


Isabel Sosa is the Office Manager at SeniorNet Headquarters. She is a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant. Isabel is also currently studying at Florida SouthWestern College to be an Registered Nurse. 


As we grow older on our journeys, we realize that life is made up of our actions and decisions and it is also composed of events beyond our control.  What is important is that we understand and embrace the truth that not a single one of us walks our journeys alone.


Let me tell you something about myself.  As I said, I am 86, a widow, and still working, part-time, two days a week as secretary.   I am also the group leader for a self-help mental health group called Recovery International and have been doing this for forty years. I am also on two local bowling teams and take country line-dancing lessons two nights a week.  I try to get to the gym three days a week to ensure that I am able to keep this body moving!   My favorite pastime is gardening.  My neighbors call me the “flower lady” because of my flowers.  There is nothing that I love more than getting down on my hands and knees and work in my garden.  Now that it is getting colder here in New Jersey, most of my flowers have died and now I have the job of pulling them all out and bagging them. However, I am looking forward to next Spring when it starts all over. Dolores volunteers as the SeniorNet Chat Forum  Leader 
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