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About SeniorNet

SeniorNet is the nation's premier provider of computer education to those in need (seniors and underserved).  Since 1986, we've opened up new worlds of information to more than a million people through our Learning Centers and online communities.  People from across the country have benefited from SeniorNet's mission - enabling them to share and enjoy a world of wisdom through computers.


SeniorNet Organization Values


SeniorNet's values, as an organization, are as follows:


  • Respect and value aging and the contributions of older adults
  • Enable older people to be more independent and continue to contribute to society
  • Share Wisdom
  • Learn
  • Build communities virtual and real with those in need (aged, underserved and veterans).
  • Encourage volunteerism
  • Catalyst for building new networks

Press Releases


SeniorNet Enters its 25th Year of Bringing Computers and the Internet to Older Americans, February 2011

SeniorNet Grows Its Board of Directors with the Addition of Four New Members, July 2010

SeniorNet Launches the Charlene A. Francis Scholarship Fund, May 2010

SeniorNet Adds Two New Members to Its Board of Directors, April 2010

IBM, SeniorNet, Native American Technology Access, Education to Catawba Indian Nation

Collaborative Announces Grand Opening of Native American Achievement Center







SeniorNet has had a long standing partnership with Adobe.  Year after year Adobe has supported our Learning Centers.  Between 2009 and 2010 SeniorNet was awarded a software grant for $500,000.  The grant included Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements 8.  This year SeniorNet was honored again to accept a $300,000 software grant.  This afforded our Learning Centers with Premiere Elements and PhotoShop Elements 8.





IBM's relationship began with the founding of SeniorNet.  Since then they have financially sponsored the opening of many centers.  A significant number of IBM retirees have volunteer leadership positions at the centers  -  sharing their years of experience in business management, hardware and software.  IBM awarded SeniorNet with a 3-year grant of more than $350,000 to create five SeniorNet Learning Centers on Indian Reservations around the country.



Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development,

US Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)


SeniorNet collaborated with the Department of Interior to select from 562 federally recognized American Indian Tribes.  Working together, SeniorNet was able to continue its mission of providing computer education to the underserved.  SeniorNet has been recognized as the only nonprofit in the United States that has created and provided computer training to rural Indian Reservations.


Blackfeet Nation - Browning, Montana; September 2006

Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe - Cass Lake, Minnesota; June 2007

Tigua Tribe - Ysleta del Sur Pueblo - El Paso, Texas; August 2007

Houlton Band of Maliseet - Houlton, Maine; April 2008

Catawba Indian Nation - Rock Hill, South Carolina; September 2008




Microsoft and SeniorNet have had a relationship for more than 20 years.  Microsoft recently awarded SeniorNet a grant of $2.1M.  This grant included software and appareled collateral for each Learning Center -- and extensive web based education exclusively designed for SeniorNet instructors and leaders. SeniorNet Learning Centers around the country are using the Windows 7 "My PC Workshop Series", making their current class schedule more compelling and attracting new students.

Learning Center Testimonials:


"This curriculum has enabled our clients to communicate with others and work with technology in a way that they never have before."

- Karen Nichols, Catawba Indian Learning Center


"I think the software is fantastic.  I plan to make a movie of every vacation in the future and to talk up WLMM in all our SeniorNet classes."

- Ron Zumba, Peoria Learning Center


The Scottsdale Computer Learning Centers conducted three workshops in December; Photo Gallery, Slide Shows, and Connecting with Friends and Family.  The students who attended Microsoft Movie Maker enjoyed the class and found it easier to use than some of the other software they have used."

- Barbara Despenza, Scottsdale Learning Center

SeniorNet is constantly doing exciting things with their partners and sponsors. 

To learn more visit our homepage for additional detailed information.

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