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Longmont Life Newsletter Article-March-April 2009 PDF Email
Longmont Community Learning Center Wins Award


Volunteers come in many shapes, sizes and ages. There is no better example than
the all-volunteer force at the Longmont Senior Center who teach computer basics
to their peers.

This all-volunteer team provides the teaching and coaching, defines the new
curriculum, writes manuals, and conducts outreach. There currently are 65
volunteers serving more than 300 members. These individuals contribute over 900
hours of service per month. More than 75 students attend courses and workshops
each month and over 40 students per month attend the weekly free lab.
Last year, the center was presented with the award for Exemplary Learning
organization from the National SeniorNet Association. The staff and board
of directors of SeniorNet were especially impressed with the organized and
dedicated leadership team…and its high level of professionalism.

The goals of each Learning Center are:

To educate seniors about computer technologies in a warm and friendly

To encourage lifelong learning and the progression along a pathway from
computer literacy to fluency to mastery;

To take part in the SeniorNet community of computer-using seniors; and

To provide outreach to a wider community, contributing to society by
providing assistance to others and showcasing the contributions of seniors.

For more information on SeniorNet classes call 303-651-8411.

Volunteers really do make a difference. Help make a difference in Longmont … volunteer!

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