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Online Fun on, August 2008 PDF Email

This article was written by SeniorNet website volunteer, Sharon Ede, for the premier issue of her community magazine Living@SCCL (Sun City Carolina Lakes) in August 2008.

If you would like to discover a safe, fun website geared entirely for Seniors, you must check out SeniorNet.  SeniorNet is a nonprofit organization that establishes computer learning centers throughout the USA.  In addition it has developed a wonderful website with links and information on most anything of interest to us “mature” adults.

The area of most interest to me is the Discussions area.  This is a bulletin board-type area which is divided into about 300 different “folders” within about 50 categories.  Some are informational, some entertaining, some supportive, but most are simply conversational, based on the subject matter or simply our lives.  Examples of some of the categories are Health Issues, Geographic Communities, Animals, Computers, Book Club Discussions, Online classes, Photography, Trivia, Music, Sports, Movies, and Hobbies.

I have been posting on this website for over 10 years and have formed many friendships with others there.  Wherever we travel, I contact anyone I know in the area from SeniorNet and we arrange to meet for lunch or coffee.  At least two of my online friends, I have had as guests in my house.  SeniorNet discussion groups often have what they term as “bashes” in an interesting city.  All those who are interested are invited to attend and hotels and excursions and dinners arranged.  It is a marvelous opportunity to meet the people you have been corresponding with—often from around the world.  We have several from Australia, New Zealand, and the UK who post regularly. We also have some from Japan and France and of course, Canada.

Sharon Ede meets SeniorNet friendsThis is a picture of me with Johann and Judy in Myrtle Beach this spring at a coffee shop. Johann lives in Myrtle Beach and posts regularly on the South Carolina Discussion. Judy is a long-time friend who accompanied me.

Many bulletin board (BB) sites attract people of poor character and bad language.  That is not the case for SeniorNet. If anyone becomes objectionable, their name and password are deleted and they are unable to post again.  There are some advertisements on the pages, but they aren’t allowed within the discussions by the posting members.

If you are interested in this website, simply type in for the home page. If you are interested in the discussions, you will find a Community>Discussions link. When you click on that, you are taken to an index of all the different categories. When you click on a specific category such as “Animals”, you will see a list of the folders which include “Dogs” “Cats” “Bird watching”, etc.  You click on the chosen folder to go to that folder and read the discussion.  You will need to register to post, but that only requires your Username and Password.

Do come join me and make some new friends!
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